Desktop Programs

We offer two desktop programs which include our basic audio algorithms only. The algorithms will be computed offline on your device and are exactly the same as implemented in our Web Service.
Our desktop programs are available for macOS < Ventura and Windows 7+ (32bit or 64bit).


Metadata (tagging), chapter marks management, video/audiogram support, speech recognition, advanced algorithm parameters, external services integrations and automatic content deployment features of our Web Service are not included in our desktop programs!
Furthermore all desktop programs are not scriptable, please use the Auphonic API instead!


Our desktop programs do not work on macOS Ventura anymore!

The Auphonic Leveler Batch Processor is a batch audio file processor and includes all our (Singletrack) Audio Post Production Algorithms. It can process multiple productions at once.

The Auphonic Multitrack Processor includes our Multitrack Post Production Algorithms and requires multiple parallel input audio tracks, which will be analyzed and processed individually as well as combined to create one final mixdown.
This program is built for advanced users and for multitrack productions only (you need at least 2 input tracks/files) - please read our Multitrack Best Practice.