Our Noise and Hum Reduction algorithms are now included in the Auphonic Leveler Batch Processor, version 1.2, on Windows and Mac. Note that this is a free update!

Auphonic Noise and Hum Reduction

The Auphonic Noise Reduction algorithms remove broadband background noise in audio files with slowly varying backgrounds.
First the audio file is segmented in regions with different background noise characteristics, then a noise print is extracted in each region and removed from the audio signal. A classifier decides if and how much noise reduction is necessary.
For more details and audio examples see Noise Reduction.

Our Hum Reduction algorithms (included in Noise and Hum Reduction) identify power line hum and all its partials. Afterwards the partials are removed as necessary with sharp filters and broadband noise reduction.
For details and audio examples see Hum Reduction.

The algorithms included in the desktop app are exactly the same as in our web service.
It is also possible to control the Noise Reduction Amount in the preferences of the Auphonic Leveler:

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