Pricing FAQ

Auphonic is free for 2 hours of monthly processed audio!
If you need more, we offer Recurring Credits and One-Time Credits.

Recurring Credits are reset every month. You can see your available credits and reset date at the Account Settings page.
One-Time Credits are valid for an unlimited amount of time and used after recurring credits. They are added on top of your recurring credits and are optimal for flexible processing amounts.


For our current pricing rates, please see Auphonic Pricing.

Frequently asked questions about our web service pricing:

How do you bill processed audio?

Billing is based on the duration of the audio files sent for processing in milliseconds, with the minimum processing time for billing being 3min.
If you process a 20min audio file with a 1min intro file, the processing time is 21min. You can use as many output files (MP3, AAC, …) or input tracks (multitrack productions) as you want, the charged processing time will always stay the same.
When processing very short files, we charge at least 3min of credits per production to avoid spam attacks.

What is the difference between Recurring and One-Time Credits?

Recurring processing credits are reset every month according to its plan (Auphonic S to 9h, Auphonic M to 21h, etc.). If you don’t use all credits in the current month, you cannot save them for the next month!
One-Time processing credits are used after recurring monthly credits (added on top of them), but before free credits, and are valid for an unlimited amount of time.

I have purchased both Recurring and One-Time Credits. Which will be used first?

Recurring monthly credits are used first, one-time credits are added on top of them. Combine one-time credits with recurring credits, if you occasionally want to process more audio material.

Am I allowed to edit and re-run my production with different settings?

Yes. You can edit your production without additional costs, as long as you use the same input files in the same production.
If you change one of your input files or create a new production, you will be charged again!

Are credits charged if there is an error during audio processing?

No. We charge credits only if your production was successful.

I am not satisfied with the result of a production. Can I get my credits back?

Yes, please use the Refund credits link on the production page to send us a description of the problem and all used credits will be refunded.

How do you charge multitrack productions?

In the same way as all other productions, based on the duration of the output audio file.
For example, a 1 hour, 4 track production (4 files of 1 hour each) will produce a 1 hour output file and will require 1 hour of credits.

Are credits charged if an external service / data transfer fails?

Yes, but you are able to retry and edit the data transfer without additional costs!
Some external services are very unreliable (e.g., etc.) and the transfer might fail. We are not responsible for these services and therefore cannot guarantee that they work as promised. However, we will do our best to ensure that your files are transferred correctly!

Am I allowed to use the Auphonic multitrack algorithms as a non-paying user?

Non-paying users can try our Auphonic Multitrack Algorithms for productions shorter than 20 minutes!
If you want unlimited multitrack productions, you must have an active subscription for Recurring Credits or One-Time Credits available.

Are credits charged if I deactivate all audio algorithms?


Where can I find information about my available credits and when they are recharged?

You can see your available credits and reset date at the Account Settings page.

What happens if I upload an audio file and don’t have enough credits anymore?

A production will be created and the audio processing will produce an error.
You may buy additional credits, then edit and restart your production without uploading it again.

I purchased Recurring Credits. When am I billed?

You are billed every month in advance. Let’s say you registered on 25th of January, then you will always be billed on the 25th of the month.

Where do I find my invoice?

We will email you a link to your invoice during the purchase process.
You can also find a list with all invoices from the last two years at the Auphonic Invoice List page.

When can I cancel my subscription for Recurring Credits?

You can cancel your subscription at any time. Please use the link to edit/cancel subscriptions at the Account Settings page.
There are no refunds for partially used periods.

How can I upgrade or downgrade Recurring Credits to another plan?

You have to cancel your current subscription first and then purchase a new one. When you upgrade, your additional monthly hours will be added to the remaining hours on your current account.
If you need more processing time just once, it’s also possible to buy additional one-time credits.

Is it possible to get a notification, if my Auphonic credits are low?

Yes. You can setup an email notification if your credits are below a defined threshold.

Is there a trial version?

Everyone is invited to use Auphonic Free for 2 hours per month to test our algorithms and services.

I am a podcaster/show host. Can my listeners donate Auphonic credits for my show?

Yes. See donate credits.

Is it possible to transfer credits to another Auphonic account?

Yes. It is possible to transfer One-Time credits to any Auphonic account.

Which payment methods do you support?

We use FastSpring for all sales. FastSpring supports PayPal and all major credit cards, including Visa®, Mastercard®, American Express®, Discover®, and JCB®. One-time credits can also be purchased via Bank Wire Transfer, Giropay (in Germany only) or Sofort.
Industry-standard encryption is used to protect the confidentiality of your personal information.