Today we released free updates for the Auphonic Leveler Batch Processor and the Auphonic Multitrack Processor with many algorithm improvements and bug fixes for Mac and Windows.


  • Linear Filtering Algorithms to avoid Asymmetric Waveforms:
    New zero-phase Adaptive Filtering Algorithms to avoid asymmetric waveforms.
    In asymmetric waveforms, the positive and negative amplitude values are disproportionate - please see Asymmetric Waveforms: Should You Be Concerned?.
    Asymmetrical waveforms are quite natural and not necessarily a problem. They are particularly common on recordings of speech, vocals and can be caused by low-end filtering. However, they limit the amount of gain that can be safely applied without introducing distortion or clipping due to aggressive limiting.
  • Noise Reduction Improvements:
    New and improved noise profile estimation algorithms and bug fixes for parallel Noise Reduction Algorithms.
  • Processing Finished Notification on Mac:
    A system notification (including a short glass sound) is now displayed on Mac OS when the Auphonic Leveler or Auphonic Multitrack has finished processing - thanks to Timo Hetzel.
  • Improved Dithering:
    Improved dithering algorithms - using SoX - if a bit-depth reduction is necessary during file export.
  • Auphonic Multitrack Fixes:
    Fixes for ducking and background tracks and for very short music tracks.
  • New Desktop Apps Documentation:
    The documentation of our desktop apps is now integrated in our new help system:
    see Auphonic Leveler Batch Processor and Auphonic Multitrack Processor.
  • Bug Fixes and Audio Algorithm Improvements:
    This release also includes many small bug fixes and all audio algorithms come with improvements and updated classifiers using the data from our Web Service.

About the Auphonic Desktop Apps

We offer two desktop programs which include our audio algorithms only. The algorithms will be computed offline on your device and are exactly the same as implemented in our Web Service.

The Auphonic Leveler Batch Processor is a batch audio file processor and includes all our (Singletrack) Audio Post Production Algorithms. It can process multiple productions at once.

Auphonic Multitrack includes our Multitrack Post Production Algorithms and requires multiple parallel input audio tracks, which will be analyzed and processed individually as well as combined to create one final mixdown.

Upgrade now

Everyone is encouraged to download the latest binaries:

Please let us know if you have any questions or feedback!

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