All the users of Auphonic and Hindenburg – rejoice! We are glad to announce that Hindenburg and Auphonic can now be connected, making your audio editing and post-production process much more straightforward.

Now you do not have to worry any more about manual downloads from Hindenburg and uploads to Auphonic. The new integration allows you to run the production that you edit in Hindenburg through Auphonic algorithms and apply all the audio post-production in just one click: you now can seamlessly transfer the audio file from Hindenburg to Auphonic for further post-production. This step is carried out in the later stage, when you have already done the basics of audio editing and are pretty much satisfied with the content but still looking at how to improve the sound.

What is Hindenburg?

Hindenburg is an audio editing software that has always kept podcasters' and storytellers' needs and demands in mind. As a result, Hindenburg has a range of products for every taste and level of expertise in audio production and editing.
From podcasting to radio and audiobook production, Hindenburg simplifies and automates your spoken-word workflow so that you can spend more time doing what is most important.
You can easily record, edit and publish professional audio without being an audio engineer.

Hindenburg is audio editing made easy!

You can check out the features for Lite, Pro, and other solutions and pricing plans on the website.

Try Hindenburg today!
for 60 days and receive a 30% discount on an annual subscription!

How to make the integration between Hindenburg and Auphonic work

Edit your audio as usual in the Hindenburg product of your choice to the point you are satisfied with the outcome and want to go to the next step of implementing additional improvements to the sound in Auphonic. Then click on the “Publish” icon in the title bar to open the list of target options. By clicking on “+” at the bottom of the “Publish” window you can choose Auphonic as publishing target and give a name to your production.

After selecting your desirable audio settings and clicking on “Run Authorization” you will be asked to log in to your Auphonic account and to allow Hindenburg app to connect with your account.
Now you are ready to press the “Finish” button in Hindenburg, give a name to your file and start uploading.

Once your upload is complete, you can return to the Auphonic page by clicking “Show in Browser”. This will redirect you to the “Edit Production” site, where you can start your Auphonic production directly.

If you have already entered metadata, this will also be transferred to your Auphonic account.
Supported metadata: title, action/save, artist, album, track, subtitle, summary/description, genre, year/date, url/link, tags/keywords

At the moment, this integration only supports singletrack productions! Your tracks will be downmixed in Hindenburg and then uploaded to Auphonic.

Video Tutorial

You can also watch this video tutorial kindly prepared by Hindenburg:


With the newly available integration of Hindenburg within Auphonic, it is now possible to automatically publish your Hindenburg productions directly to your Auphonic account to continue with post-production activities. As a result, manual up- and downloading are not necessary anymore.

All you have to do is:

  • Connect your Auphonic account as an external service to your Hindenburg account under the Publish option.
  • After finishing your production in Hindenburg, send it to Auphonic using the Publishing / Add Publish Target option to continue with post-production and audio optimization.

Once set up, you can process your files with Hindenburg and then automatically send them to our audio post-production web service.

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